The purpose of this website is to showcase Pinky Lu Xun’s cosplay artworks and there is no form of any pecuniary collection on the website.

Cosplay Artworks

The cosplay artworks definition is referring to the craftmanship of costume-making such as sewing skills, props making, pattern drawings, wig styling, or any activities that support the final result of the characters portrayed.

Character / Costume Designs

Pinky Lu Xun does not claim ownership of the design of the characters portrayed. The design of the characters / costumes on Pinky Lu Xun website were used only as a reference to support the cosplay artworks process alone.

All characters / costume designs belong to the respective artist / designer / publisher who created it.

Use of Images / Photos

All photos on Pinky Lu Xun website should not be used for any conjunction of marketing or commercial activities / campaigns that will ultimately collect any monetary payment from an organization/s or individual unless agreed by Pinky Lu Xun.

Please do not sell copies of a photo such as poster, print, or any physical product without our knowledge.

Please do not redistribute or sell the photos online or to other platforms unless agreed by Pinky Lu Xun.

Please do not imply endorsement of your product using the photos on this website unless agreed by Pinky Lu Xun.

Providing credit for the use of photos is always highly appreciated.

It is not our responsibility should there be any organization/s or individual who deliberately misused the photos from Pinky Lu Xun website for their illegal activities out of our awareness. The body who perform this kind of act could face a sanction as obligated by applicable laws.

Should you found someone who misused any of the photos from Pinky Lu Xun website, please contact us immediately at [email protected] and we will take action to prevent the proliferation. This disclaimer acts as a strong deterrent against any copyright infringement. Please contact us should there be any legal acts by the applicable laws that must be complied by the website.

Changes to this Disclaimer

Pinky Lu Xun reserves the right to make amendments to this Disclaimer at any time.