About Pinky

Pinky Lu Xun is an Architect and Costume Maker.

She was born in Yogyakarta, grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia and currently residing in Melbourne, Australia.

Her passion for costume-making begin in 1998 as a hobby for Cosplay. After several years, her skill and talent have been admired by many local and international cosplayers and she was recognized as a Professional Cosplayer. Since then, she has been invited to hundreds of events around the world as a Guest Star, Judge for Cosplay Competition, Official Comic Character, and Brand / Game Ambassador.

On a daily life, Pinky Lu Xun is an Architect with extensive knowledge and experience in property-building architecture and real estate. She was part of the Architect team for a top-leading organization who operates for more than a decade in residential and property development. One of the greatest building project achievements that many have known is the Central Park Mall located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Pinky Lu Xun is married to Orochi X in December 2019. She proudly acknowledges her husband as the first and last boyfriend whom she dated for 15 years and is part of the LGBT.

While retiring from cosplay, Pinky Lu Xun continues her dream job in Australia, working for one of the top corporations in property development and real estate service in Melbourne.